Pima County Public Library Home

Pima County Public Library Home

This is the Classic Catalog

While the Library's catalog holdings are kept up-to-date here, we are no longer supporting this site or fixing problems here. In addition, no new features are being added to it. Please use the Library's current website at library.pima.gov for full features and functionality.

Log In on the Library's current website to go through the registration screens, making sure that you:

  • Enable Borrowing History if you want to keep your Reading History.
  • Import your lists if you want to keep your current lists.

We now have Pickup Lockers!

As an added convenience for our customers, we have added pickup lockers at a few libraries. Pickup lockers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing you to pick up holds when it's convenient for you.

Lockers are ready for use at select libraries. Read more and see pickup locker locations here.

Mobile Catalog

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